GLB Markets offers traders a complete & powerful trading solution, enabling our clients to manage their trades from wherever they are, whenever they want.
They can trade via our web or desktop applications through the X-Web platform as well as our IOS and Android app the X-mobile. Applications for smart watches and other wearable devices are also in process of being developed & will they too will be available soon to further enhance clients trading experience.
GLB Markets unique and powerful trading platform has been developed to specifically answer the challenges faced by Forex & CFD traders globally. It allows traders to monitor their trades and take advantage of the opportunities that the financial markets offer.


The X-web platform is easy to use and does not require any installation or download it can be accessed by clients through a PC or Laptop from anywhere in the world.

It has a range of unique and beneficial features that help both beginners as well as trading professionals to maximize gains. It provides clients access to cutting edge technology that is crucial to succeed in todays dynamic and fast paced trading environment. It is one of the most powerful trading platform available to Forex traders currently.

A Few of the features are

  • Customization
    Clients can customize their platform to view assets and features that are required for their trading while hiding the others that clients are not using. This allows clients to focus completely only on what they want and trade more effectively.
  • Chart analysis & trading
    GLB Markets offers a one of its kind charting system to clients it allows them to view the past performance of the assets as well as the real time movements of it. The system has a range of unique studies that can be applied to the charts to analyze future price movements to make more informed & profitable trading decisions. The best part is that clients have an option to execute new trades, pending orders and setup Stop Loss /Take Profit directly from the charts itself.
  • News & analysis
    The platform provides clients with timely important news so that they know what is happening in markets all across the world and they do not have to waste time searching for crucial news and important happening they can view it while trading. The traders talk feature also informs client of the analysis and current discussions of analyst and traders. These insights and news help clients take more informed trading decisions.
  • One click trading
    The platform has a single click trading feature which allows clients to open a new trade with a single click. It allows clients to set their favorite assets under one click trading resulting in quicker trade executions. This feature is very helpful for traders who are always on the move and is especially beneficial during periods of high volatility since it make it easier to open new trades at that time.
  • Economic Calendar
    Client can view the Economic calendar directly on the platform this provides data on important economic events in all major countries, it provides the past, expected and actual data on these events in real time. Clients can also view future important events and past data on it and make trading decision accordingly. This tool is very helpful and crucial in helping clients trade efficiently.
  • Automated trading
    The platform allows clients to automate their trading by setting up pending orders, stop loss & take profit. These commands allow client to trade and close deals without actually being present to manually open/close them. Clients can setup rates at which he wants to open a new trade through pending orders, trades that are open can also be closed at a preset profit/loss setup by the client. This makes trading easy and less time consuming allowing clients to enjoy other activities and spend more time with friends & family while the platform is trading and monitoring his trades automatically.


The X-mobile is our state of the art IOS and Android app that clients can download for free on their phone or tablets and start trading. It squeezes our powerful X-web platform into the palm of your hand while enhancing all the features of it for use through a mobile devices easily.

  • Trade on the move
    X-mobile offers a sleek, responsive & simple interface designed for beginner and advanced traders alike. The trading app always you to easily open trades and monitor your open trades while on the go. The GLB Markets app puts the global markets at your fingertips
  • Easy to use
    The fully customizable layout gives you the comfort you need when trading through your mobile device. With our unique easy to use gestures you can close and open trades swiftly, it also provides direct access to balance, equity and history. It is designed to provide ease of usage from the 1st use itself
  • Mobile optimized
    The X-mobile is a necessary tool for every trader in today’s dynamic financial markets. We have designed the app to maximize the full size of your screen allowing us to present market information in a clear and precise manner. The app provides a matchless mobile trading experience and can be used in conjunction with the X-web platform keeping you seamlessly in sync with the market and your trading account.

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