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Information Reliability and Trustworthiness

The information in the site is based on the data received from available and recognized sources, from reports, and/or from other sources regarded as reliable. However, the information has not been verified and/or checked by us, and we make no pretensions to presenting it as complete, accurate, or reliable. The information is published in good faith and to be used at users discretion.

GLB Markets is not responsible for damage of any kind liable to be caused as a result of use of the website and/or of the information presented in it because of malfunctions and/or unavailability of the website including its various services, either because of a failure of the Internet and/or of the computers of the Internet suppliers and/or the GLB Markets computers and/or the customer's computer.

In all cases of contradiction and/or incompatibility between the information appearing in the website and the information recorded in GLB Markets's books, the information recorded in GLB Markets's books shall take precedence. GLB Markets shall not bear responsibility for damage and/or losses of any kind liable to be caused as a result of reliance on the information appearing in the website.

Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability

The information on this site is provided "As it is". The Company does not warrant the accuracy of the materials provided herein, either expressly or impliedly, for any particular purpose and expressly disclaims any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The Company will not be responsible for any loss or damage that could result from interception by third parties of any information made available to you via this site. Although the information provided to you on this site is obtained or compiled from sources we believe to be reliable, the Company cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy, validity, timeliness or completeness of any information or data made available to you for any particular purpose. Neither the Company, nor any of its affiliates, directors, officers or employees, nor any third party vendor will be liable or have any responsibility of any kind for any loss or damage that you incur in the event of any failure or interruption of this site, or resulting from the act or omission of any other party involved in making this site or the data contained therein available to you, or from any other cause relating to your access to, inability to access, or use of the site or these materials, whether or not the circumstances giving rise to such cause may have been within the control of the Company or of any vendor providing software or services support.

Under no circumstances will the Company be liable for any consequential, incidental, special, punitive or exemplary damages arising out of any use of or inability to use this site or any portion thereof, regardless of whether the Company has been apprised of the likelihood of such damages occurring and regardless of the form of action, whether in Contract, Tort (including negligence), Strict Liability, or otherwise.

The information contained in this site is intended for information purposes only. Therefore it should not be regarded as an offer or solicitation to any person in any jurisdiction in which such an offer or solicitation is not authorised or to any person to whom it would be unlawful to make such an offer or solicitation, nor regarded as recommendation to buy, sell or otherwise deal with any particular investment.

You are strongly advised to obtain independent investment, financial, legal and tax advice regarding trading Forex , Stocks and other assets before proceeding with any investment since rules and regulations of countries differ significantly and we are not liable for any consequential, incidental, special, punitive or exemplary damages arising because of clients not being aware of rules of their respective jurisdiction, by signing up and trading clients accept that they are doing so after ensuring & in accordance with laws & legal framework of their respective jurisdiction clients indemnify GLB Markets from any issues arising because of the same. Nothing in this site should be read or construed as constituting investment advice on the part of the Company, or any of its affiliates, directors, officers or employees.

The nature of investment in Financial Instruments is such that not all Financial instruments are suitable for everyone unless they:

are knowledgeable in investment matters, are able to bear the economic risk of the investment, understand the risk involved, believe that the investment is suitable for their particular investment objective and financial needs and have no need for liquidity of investment.

Should any non-professional investor invests in Financial Instruments, it is advisable that only a part of the sums that the investor intents to invest for long-term should be so invested.

It is also advisable that all investors should seek advice from a professional investment advisor before making any investment in Financial Instruments since trading with leverage and trading as well as investing in financial instruments carry a high degree of risk because you may lose all your invested capital. You should not risk more than you are prepared to lose.

GLB Markets at its sole discretion may block a clients trading account and restrict client from trading further in case of any unlawful , illegal or unauthorized trading done by clients or anyone doing so on clients behalf or any circumstances under which clients is trying to take undue advantage of the trading platform for personal gains. This may also result in clients forfeiting their profits and in some cases even the capital deposited such cases will indemnify the company from any consequential, incidental, legal, special, punitive or exemplary damage caused to client.


This website, the information, the programs that may be downloaded from it and additional elements advertised in it, are subject to and protected by the international copyright laws. Use of the website is subject to making fair use only in accordance with these laws. It is not permitted to copy, change, distribute, or make commercial use of the information except with permission of the holders of the copyright.

Change of Conditions

GLB Markets has the right to change the website as well as Terms of use from time to time, including adding and/or discontinuing services and/or changing instructions and conditions of use of the website and/or discontinuing the activities of the website in whole or part, at its sole discretion. The customer shall have no complaint, claim, or right to indemnification of any kind for damage that he claims was caused to him because of the change.

Documentation and AML (Anti Money Laundering) Rules

GLB Markets is committed to comply with Anti Money Laundering Rules (AML Rules) and does its best efforts to verify the identity of its client. Being a client of GLBMarkets you are kindly requested to provide valid copies of a set of documents. Clients who fail to provide such valid copies within 7 days since the time of their account activations - may have their account blocked until such documents are e-mailed or faxed to our compliance department.

Third Party Programs

The website may permit the downloading of programs. GLB Markets and/or the software manufacturer are not responsible for damage of any kind liable to be caused as a result of the said downloading of programs and/or as a result of use of any program downloaded from the website.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Global Investment House Limited group incorporated in Seychelles is the parent company and owner of GLB Markets. Clients of GLB Markets, by accessing this site, you agree that the laws of Seychelles, without regard to Conflict of Laws principles thereof, will apply to all matters relating to the use of this site. In case of a dispute, you agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of Seychelles. In the event any of the Terms and Conditions shall be held to be unenforceable, the remaining Terms and Conditions shall be unimpaired and the unenforceable Term or Condition shall be replaced by such enforceable Term or Condition as comes closest to the intention underlying the unenforceable Term or Condition. This Agreement does not replace or in any way amend any other agreement you have entered into with the Company and will be in addition to any other contact signed with the company.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The Client understands and accepts that the Company is unable to provide the Client with any legal advice or assurances in respect of the Client’s use of the Services and the Company makes no representations whatsoever as to the legality of the Services in the Client’s jurisdiction. It is the Client’s obligation to verify the relevant laws in the Client’s jurisdiction before registering with the Website, applying for an Account and using the Services or Trading Platform. The Company does not intend to enable the Client to contravene any applicable laws and regulations. The Client represents, warrants and agrees to ensure that the use of the Trading Platform and the Services will comply with all applicable laws, statutes and regulations. The Company shall not be responsible for any illegal or unauthorized use of the Trading Platform or the Services by the Client. The Client should consult a legal counsel in the applicable jurisdiction if in doubts about the legality of the use of the Trading Platform and the Services under the laws of any jurisdiction that apply to the Client. The Company although its offers its services in multiple languages, they are not intended to be offered to the residents of jurisdictions in which their offering is not allowed


These Bonus Terms and Conditions are in regards to the Trading Bonus, Cashback Bonus, Deposit bonus etc offered by the Company (hereinafter called the ‘Bonus’), as detailed below

  • The Bonuses are available to Company’s clients who have satisfied the eligibility criteria of the relevant offer and passed all required registration procedures according to the Company’s requirements as amended from time to time at the sole discretion of the Company (the ‘Eligible Clients‘).
  • The Company offers any Bonus at its absolute discretion, to any Client and/or country/region as it deems appropriate.
  • The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to decline registration of any user, including Eligible Clients, in the Bonus and/or revoke the offer of any bonus at its absolute discretion.

Bonus conditions

Trading Bonus is granted to Eligible Clients as a percentage of the amount of funds deposited in their trading account, as agreed and determined by the Company at Company’s absolute discretion and on a case to case basis.

The Trading Bonus can only be used as extra Margin for the exposure of open positions and is intended for trading purposes only, till the client completes the required volume of the bonus which is determined based on the offer, amount of bonus and percent of bonus in relation to the deposited amount.

Trading bonus will only be available for withdrawal after completion of the required volume which start from 20,000 times volume in & out of the amount deposited for lower bonus % eg – deposited amount $200 and bonus 10% client hence Volume is 200 * 20000 =400,000 (in & out) client opens total deals worth $200,000 and closes the trades. The exact volume required to be completed by client is determined by the Company at Company’s absolute discretion and on a case to case basis.

Trading Bonus which was granted due to a certain deposit or offer shall restrict clients from making any withdrawal from his trading account till required volume is completed since the client gets additional margin directly by adding the trading bonus to his account. Client has an option to decline the trading bonus offer at time of deposit but after the bonus is added he cannot ask for cancellation till volume is completed.