Unique benefits

Services provide for you.

GLB Market also provide services that help them develop and flourish in the fast paced world of online Forex trading. We provide our clients access to the biggest global financial markets directly from the comfort of their homes, office or while on the go through their mobile device.

Some of GLB Markets unique benefits are -

Commision free trading

We allow our clients trade without providing us any commission on their trades, we only charge the client a spread which is the difference between the buy and sell price, apart from that there is no other fees or commission of their profits or for trading. Very few STP brokers offer clients the opportunity to trade without paying additional commission on their trades.

Advanced trading tools

GLB Markets offers clients various advanced & powerful trading tool to boost their trading profitability and get better insight into the financial markets. These tools include real time news acess, advanced charting system, access to traders and analyst insights and an robust and highly responsive trading platform. These are some of the tools offered to exclusively to our clients.

Negative balance protection

This is an exceptional service offered to our client to reduce their risk while trading the highly volatile financial markets. The negative balance protection safeguards clients during high volatility it exempts clients from paying more than their invested amount in case their account goes into negative due high exposure on deals and high volatility.

Dedicated a/c manager

All our clients are provided with dedicated account managers to assist them with any queries or assistance they require. The a/c managers provide support to clients throughout their trading journey and also help with deposits/withdrawal of funds and documentation/compliance queries.

Straight through Processing

GLB Markets straight through processing module of business means that we as a broker only make money from your spread charges. We do not take opposite trading positions against clients and hence have no conflict of interest with them unlike some other brokers.

No Dealing desk

We also do not have a dealing desk that means all your deals are directly sent to the interbank market without intervention from dealing desk]. This assures you of the best prices, minimal slippage, and lightning-fast execution for your trades, it also gives you absolute control of your trading.

High Leverage

GLB Markets provides clients a high leverage of 1:400 what this means is that clients can trade 400 times the amount they have deposited creating an option to gain higher returns on their investment. At the same time the leverage we offer if flexible which means clients have an option to use who much ever leverage they want from the maximum of 1:400.

Free Demo and training

Our client are provided free training and a demo account after funding their real account. The benefit is that client do not risk the money they deposited instead they initially practice on the demo account with virtual money till they are completely confident and only then they trade on real account. GLB Markets highly skilled trading experts provide clients training on how to use the trading platform and on the basics of forex markets and how to trade effectively.

Array of instruments

GLB Market clients have an array of instruments to chose form while trading we allow our clients to trade in Forex, commodities, metals and various other CFD's of financial markets from Asia, Europe, UK & USA to name a few.

Funds segregation

In accordance with regulatory rules your funds are segregated from company assets in a regulated banking institution. This ensures that your funds are available at all times and the company cannot claim clients deposited funds and profits as their own asset and hence cannot be used by GLB Markets for any purpose. This is also checked and verified by our auditors from time to time. We provide our customers with utmost level of financial confidence and investment protection

High level Security

GLB Markets gives high importance to security, all the data is encrypted through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure that all of our clients sensitive data is protected from any kind of breach. The security system we use is on par with those used by multinational banks and financial institutions globally hence clients can trade with peace of mind. The system is always up to date and routinely monitored to ensure highest level of security for our clients at all times.